Is Life a play?

Many times during the 21 years of my life, i have got a feeling that life is like a play where people like us are playing different characters. But most of the times i say to myself that's is not true because life does not have a fixed story line or a script based on which everything happens. i have always felt that the suspense part in life is what makes it unpredictable. It is the reason why people say that no body can guess what is going to happen next yet we all seem to balance each other. But now i feel that some part of our life is planned and we are playing certain roles but nobody knows what role we are playing but we end up helping many people and make them our friends and we also end up hurting people, they become our enemies.

Life has a purpose, all of us have some purpose in life. Many of us realize our purpose a bit late and a few realize it earlier. When we start working towards our goal we cross many stages, we meet many people who can be generally classified as friends and enemies. These are the people who help you to achieve your goal and these are also the people who stand as an obstacle in your way towards success.

In short life can be treated as a game where u have a mission that you are supposed to complete at any cost. This is a game where many fail and only the best prevail. Be brave and face your problems with courage. Life is too short to be worried about so act quickly and work towards your goal.

I am back again

I quit writing posts in this blog couple of months back and Its been a while since i have blogged. Few days back i popped into my blog and i noticed that my blog had many visitors and i received comments in my cbox saying that they are missing me lots. I started thinking of the good times that i had when i used to blog. So today i decided to get back to blogging. I have changed the look of my blog and deleted many of the stupid and nonsense post i had written in my blog. From now i will be writing sensible stuff and i am sure all of you will like it. This is a new start i hope you all will support me in this.