I have forgotten how to write

During the past few days i have realized the facet that i have forgotten how i am supposed to write. I realised it when i was typing a letter. I was sitting there in front of my laptop not knowing what to write and confused whether i had used the correct words or not. I was pretty sure my grammar was bad in the letter, i didnt remember the spelling for many of the simple words and i had use spell check to get the right words.
I never considered myself to be very good with my writing skills but i am sure i was never this bad in my entire life. There used to be a time when i used to write every day be in my blog or in my diary but i dont do either of them these days. As far as i am concerned i have forgotten how to write simple because i stopped writing and i have lost my touch and the only thing i can do now is start reading and writing as i used to. Its been ages since i read a novel, i used to live on books i still remember the days i used to run behind my friends to get their books but its all in the past now. There has been many days when i have wondered why i stopped writing but i have not got an answer for that and i still continue to wonder about it.
I look forward to start writing again so that i can do what i really loved doing at one point of my life and so that i can continue something which i shoul not have stopped doing.