At times i wonder if i was meant to be alone all through. Not the way losers think..just something that troubles my mind whenever i get into one of my introspective moods. People are mixed creatures... they want people to share their joys and sorrows and also need their own space in life. I have met a lot of them in my journey of life and can say there is one common thread between all the people in this world... Loneliness!

That is one emotion which every one goes through at some point in our life. For some its an occasional feeling and for some its a daily existence. I belong to the category in the middle. I feel detached from the people around me at times and can be in my elements and have the time of my life when i feel like it.

Today is one of those days when am feeling contended being on my own. Just some time to ponder what i have been upto and trying to connect with my Inner self.. the person that i really am. And its very comforting to know that though many things have changed and as time moves on... there is that something which can give you the comfort feeling of being something from the past...that something which has been the same all through... Ur Inner self!!!!