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Hi friends i just took up my IELTS exam for pursuing my higher studies in UK. Though i had prepared fro a very less time i managed to get score of 7 out of 9, which i guess is a descent score. There very important things u have to keep in mind while preparing for any test like IELTS or others (TOEFL , GRE). You ve practice constantly, even a small break ll tamper ur progress and ur results. I had prepared alone for my exam and i didn't go for any class too, this had its own plus and minus. When u go to a coaching class they ll start from scratch and u ll get to know about lots of shortcuts and they ll give u lot of tips about the exams. These info are very helpful during the exam. But i feel u should be attend classes for IELTS only if ur English is poor, if u have good materials and few friends who can work together with u in doing few speaking exercises then ur sure to get a good score.

Th first thing i did after i decided to take up my IELTS was to get a membership from British Council. You get lot of books on IElTS published by Cambridge and Oxford all these books are really good ones. The best thing is that each book has a planner which helps u to frame a schedule and this ll help u in knowing wen ur ready to take up the final exam. This is not it u exclusive books called IELTS PRACTICE BOOK 1-6. Please work out all these books to ensure that u get high marks. The reason i am asking u to work out all the 6 books is because there are lot of ways in which questions ll be asked in ur exam, so if u practice all these u can be sure that all questions ll be of a known format to u.

Apart form British Council i got loads of materials from online by visiting various communities one link i found very useful is this.

Do check it out cause as its name says it has most of the materials u need to prepare for ur IELTS exam. You ca also visit the IELTS community in Orkut from where u can get more links. Pls feel free to contact me if u have any queries , i ll be more than happy to help u. I ll keep posting more details abt IELTS in my blog so keep peeping frequently.



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