The Last Race of the Emperor - Micheal Schumacher

The Legend lives on........... this is very true. Long after the Emperor's retirement he is still remembered and ll still be remembered as one of best formula 1 drivers.

He is a person who created a revolution in the world of Sports and especially in the world of Formula 1.

Micheal's last race was at Sao Polo in Brazil in the year 2006. I would surely rate his last race as one of his best. Even though it was just another day at the office for him, he was at his peak on that particular day. Let me take u through the proceedings of Schumacher's final race day.

Schumacher needs ten full points to get the championship and thats not it, his rival Alonso must not get a point in the race. It certainly was a tough ask. Filipe Massa had clinched the pole position and he had a huge task of helping his team mate on his last race. Alonso just needed 1 point to ensure that he retained championship. Micheal was starting from 10th position in his last race due to a fuel pump failure. Micheal has started 3 times form 10th position in his career. But his best finish from 10th is just a 5th place. One good news is that he has won the race once after starting at 16th in the grid, and in Schumacher's case predictions are of no use cause we should always expect the unexpected from the MASTER.

Race starts its a total of 71 laps and a boom!!!! there is crash in the first lap both the Williams hit each other and the safety car is out. race starts after 3 laps Micheal jumps top 6 th place while Massa sticks to his first position. 61 laps more Micheal over takes Giancarlo Fisichella and there first disaster strikes. As soon as Micheal over takes his left rear tyre gets punctured. Micheal takes a pit stop changes all his tyres, rejoins the race at 20th position.The race continued with no big changes for the next few laps. 47 laps more Massa takes his first pit stop and rejoins the race in 3rd position and
Micheal is far behind at 17th place. Alonso is the new race leader followed by Button. All drivers start going to the pit, Micheal climbs to the 13th spot. Massa has a good stop and now he is back in front of the race. Button makes a good pass to overtake Raikkonen, tat was a very close pass.

Half way down the race Micheal Schumacher is at 11 th place an Massa at 1st. Micheal starts accelerating more and he reaches 8th place in no time. Micheal over takes Kubica to get to 7th place by a sweet pass on the inside. Micheal is having a very tough day at office , with his car giving him loads of problems. 29 laps more for the race to end. Micheal comes for his second pit stop when there is just 24 laps remaining and rejoins at 8th spot, Barrichello is in front of him.

Battle between two old team mates Barrichello receives a message from his team " Micheal behind u and ur racing him". but Micheal is speeding away. This one of the one of the best team message i ve ever heard. Micheal overtakes barrichello in th straight section of the 20th lap and waves at him as he passes,wow tat was a wonderful sight. All the drivers start taking their second pit stop.19 more laps to go and Micheal is at number 6. Massa takes his final stop he rejoins at 1st, Alonso is back on 2nd place button is at a close 3rd. Can Ferrari claim the constructors?. 14 laps more Micheal still in 6th can the master pull out something miraculous. Just 8 laps to go Micheal over takes Fisichella to move to 5th place. Now the battle is between Micheal and Kimi. Kimi is going to replace Micheal in Ferrari next year lets see if Micheal can prove his dominance over Kimi in his last race.

6 laps to go there is a crash and the safety car is out, Nick Heifield has crashed due to a suspension failure.
Micheal is loosing precious time. Race resumes 5 laps to go Micheal is right behind Kimi ans Massa is enjoying outstanding lead right at the first position.2 laps more, and we see a fantastic move by Micheal. He pulls of a mind blowing pass right on the inside at the straight section to move ahead of Kimi. Both the cars had just a few gap between them they were going wheel to wheel and eventually Kimi gave way for Micheal cause that was the only thing he could do!!
The crowd roars seeing this sight, the Ferrari team mechanics are ecstatic what more can u ask from a person on his last race?? but Micheal is not finished yet. Alonso gets a radio message "I ve got good news and bad news for you, good news is there is only two laps to go and the bad news is Micheal is coming".Micheal goes on to make the fastest lap in his final lap but that was not enough for him to move up in the rankings. Micheal finishes fourth Massa takes his second career victory, Alonso finishes second and comfortably claims the championship for the second consecutive year. Alonso is really happy but sad tat he is leaving his team Renault with he he has won his two titles. Alonso is joining Mclaren Mercedes next year.

This is the final top 5

1 Fileppe Massa
2 Fernando Alonso
3 Jenson Button
4 Micheal Schumacher
5 Kimi Raikkonen

I surely feel Micheal was a very satisfied man at the end of the day and this was arguably the best race of his formula 1 career. He had driven his car in the best possible way he can and with a few mechanical problems he surely did commendable job to finish fourth. I am sure tat his fans ll keep on loving him forever no matter if he is in the sport or not, his 16 year long career ll always be remembered by all.. I salute the master for being such an entertainer and wish him good luck for his future endeavors.


R said...

Schumi is really a genius and I believes Raikonnen can go places

rajkingme said...

A nice narration man...
Sppedy post :)
keep going dude.

Dogastray said...

Dude.. i happened to miss the match .. but thanks to you .. i felt as if i saw the match live.. nice narration da..

P.S -> please do post on cars they use in F1 and their technology ...

.. great post !!

AiShU said...

jus now found dis a racy fan of michael...mising him a lot these days....n i mised his final race tnkful to u man for havng put dis post...lively narration...d lines...made me smile..was able to visual out d field....tnku again...nice job.