Gilly happy about his last outing

The outpouring of emotion at the WACA on Friday made Adam Gilchrist realize the end of his record-breaking career was near. Gilchrist, who will retire at the conclusion of CB Series, waved goodbye to his home crowd in Perth with a fine 118 in the 63-run win over Sri Lanka and listened to chants of "Gilly, Gilly" throughout the match.

"Today was where it really hit me, that it is all finishing," he told Friday night. "Today was always going to be a big day, so I was more nervous than any day, leading into here. I am glad it is done ... there was a lot of emotion in there."

I feel very happy that he was able to come up with a century in his last game on his home turf. This fellow will always be remembered as one of the greatest cricketer of all time.