Who is your Idol?

My friend JK passed me this Who’s Your Idol meme. I shall answer it the way I feel... And you can See me for what you will... Thank you so much JK

1. Who is/are your idol/s? – My Dad

2. What characteristic/s does/do your idol/s possess/es that draws you to him/her/them? – I have been with my dad since my birth and i like everything about him. I get drawn to him mainly because of the way he speaks.

3. What have you learned from him/her/them? – Yup lots actually. One of the important thing i have learned is how to prioritize the things we have to do so that we can finish them easily.

4. Have you applied anything you’ve learned from your idol/s? – Yes of course i am putting many things i have learned form him into action each and every day in my life.

5. What have you taught others based on what you’ve learned from your idol/s? – I try to set an example to others with what i do and if i feel that certain habit is good i suggest all the people i know to try it so that they can also get positive results.

6. What are the things that you don’t like about your idol/s? – I don't think i dislike anything about my dad but just that he is short tempered

7. Have you done something to correct them? – I have told him that he looses temper for small things and he has also taken steps to correct them.

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