For long all the political parties that has come to power has used reservations as a medium to sustain their vote bank. they always proclaim of doing this and tat and manage to succeed in the polls. I sternly believe all these reservation and promises given by these people in power are just to please the people who are capable of turning the picture during the elections.

The start of cast ism i would call is way back after the independence when the reservations actually started or thought of by these politicians.. they had given these reservations bases on the census of 1931.

Last year when the students of IIT Delhi university AIMS started stagging demonstration & protest against reservation the supreme court had asked the government to hand over a copy of the census with which they provide reservation and our most perfect govt provided the court what they wanted, u have any clue which years census
the govt gave to the supreme court? 1931 yup the same one tat i ve mentioned earlier this clearly depicts how ignorant our govt is and how bad their functioning is.

For long experts have asked the govt to drop the cast based reservations and have reservation based on economic background, the help must be rendered to the needy & not for one who is well capable of backing up himself without anyones help. This does not mean that people at higher level must not be helped but it is just that all these must not be done at the cost of poor they must not be the sufferer in the end.

Thanks to our country proceeding with any idea has a great amount of difficulty. At this juncture where many are advising for a economic based reservation there is a big Question to be answered how will the govt come to know about the income of every citizen this will remain to be a really tough job because of most of the ppl in our country don't pay their tax properly & do not show their complete income when these type of problems are yet to be explored students getting proper justice is rather a far dream than a reality.

As long as these worthless people remain in power i don't see India becoming a super power or the 2020 vision of our previous president being achieved. God knows when our country will be gifted with proper leaders who take decision by thinking in a wide angle and do things for the benefit of the citizens than for themselves

TO QUOTE : during a recent interview done by the popular news channels & during pblic meetings politicians have not shown any sign of changing their stand when Mr. V.P. SINGH former prime minister of our country was asked a question whether he ll give reservation to a rich OBC or a poor forward cast person he said he ll give t for a OBC only... since he was a backward cast person when he got screwed later in the interview he corrected what he said as to he ll give for both of them this shows how adamant these ppl are.

The present HRD MINISTER ARJUN SINGH in his meeting publicly announced that he will surely bring back reservation as it previously was this happened only a few days after the supreme court stayed the reservation for OBC

Until these ppl change their attitude or new people with non partisan attitude be in power.. No big valuable change can be expected. And we shall always live under their mercy. THIS REMAINS THE BITTER TRUTH.


AiShU said...

hai...nice to knw tat u own a blog!
had a quick reading of d post...tats nice to c u had cme wid one of d burning prob of times...gud quotes n clear naration of tngs hapening..d ans for d ques u have raised will make INDIA super power by 2020 bt answer???lets wait!

Srivaths said...

well the reformation has to start from the roots. when staffs steal money from students in the name of symposium activities and we go along, what chance do we have against the powerful politicians??????!!!!!!

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good post on a socail prob.. but dont worry this will remain unsolved....

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