Smoke all the way

Smoking has become a common sight now a days.. any time u can see boys n girls smoking in the streets or any coffee shop. In the last 2 - 3 years there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who smoke and the best part is most of them are educated and are well aware of the consequences of smoking. After the boom of IT youngsters have started to rely a lot on cigarette's to relieve their stress but actually they are affecting themselves more.. an important fact failed to be realized.

People who smoke can also be called as blind cause they never read the warning. The companies have been asked to print it big so tat seeing that at least some quit the habit but nothing of that sort has happened :-). Many NGO's are carrying out workshops and awareness programs so that people don't become a prey to a disease like CANCER!!! but their rate of success is minimal.

Latest to the addition of warnings is the governments order of printing photographs of people who are affected by CANCER but believe me i had a chance of seeing on of the photos and i immediately felt like puking!!!! man i cant imagine how any person who is not blind go and buy a cigarette knowing that some thing of that sort is on the pack, and how is a person going to sell this kind of stuff knowing that customer might just look like the one in the photograph if he continues smoking. But am not sure whether this is going to create any impact on our INDIAN brothers and sisters who are thick skinned.

This is not the first time a country is putting visual warnings on cigarette packet. Countries like CANADA are already practicing this and have attained good results.

Hope people realize that there is no pleasure in smoking and its nothing but a filthy stick reducing your lifespan. Quit it and live a happy life.