A visit to the hills of Kodai.....

When ever me and my friends go on a trip we make sure we have a gr8 time. It was no different this time wen we went to KODAIKANAL. i was a surprise guest in this trip. I was doing an Internship because of which i had opted out of the trip, i went to the station to sent them off and wished them bon voyage. The next i went to the company as usual i gave my final report the same day and it got approved. I left the company quickly went and booked my ticket to kodaikanal for an night bus. All this while my friends had no clue of wat i was upto. I reached there the next morning. I had been keeping track of wat they were upto and where they were going. They were at the lake (which is a beautiful one) i called them and said i had come and they didn't believe me cause they thought i was playing a prank.. :-) I went straight at them and caught them by surprise. That was it celebrations started that instant. Wat ever happened aftr that ve to be censored...!!!!

But one thing we had one of our best times out there. i know most of u guys would ve experienced something like this in ur own life, if not pls do !!!!